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Serbia’s a shining world class gaming destination operating amazingly under the rader

Belgrade, Serbia: On a sunny spring evening while I sip a cup of Coffee in the “White City” Belgrade, I recall the sights and sounds of the day which make Serbia one of top 10 countries to visit in the world. Situated in the banks of the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers, Belgrade is a unique city storing in itself the history of long medieval era battles and the promise to emerge as the next business hub in Central Europe.

Online gambling license in serbia

The Government of Serbia has tried to promote the growth of businesses in the country and also promote foreign investment and entrepreneurship. The forward thinking attitude of the Government can be realised from the fact that it saw a potential for online gambling way back in 2004 when the industry had not even been properly established.

As a prominent tourism and entertainment hub, Belgrade and Serbia as a whole had immense potential even for gambling sector and for operating casinos. To regulate the industry, the Government promulgated the Games of Chance Act, 2004 which was a comprehensive piece of legislation covering even nascent industries like online gaming. The Act also established a regulator called “The Games of Chance Board” to regulate the sector and provided the types of games which can be considered as games of chance as:

  • Classic games of chance (lottery, sports betting, lotto, keno, tombola, fonto);
  • Special games of chance;
  • Prize-winning competitions in which prizes are awarded in goods and services.

Laws and regulators in the Jurisdiction:

The licensing of Casinos and online gaming websites in Serbia is now regulated by the Administration for games of chance of Republic of Serbia  and the Games of Chance Board, both of which function under the Ministry of Finance.

The Serbia Online Gaming licenses are now governed by Acts on Games of Chance, 2011, Rules on types of Games of Chance, 2013 and Rules on the characteristics of IT equipment for games of chance via means of electronic communication, meeting the conditions and manner of their analysis, 2013. The entire licensing and application process for an online casino in Serbia is covered by the Rules on the method of determining the conditions for obtaining approval to organize games of chance via means of electronic communication, 2013.

How do I get a Serbian Online Gaming License

Serbia provides an unique challenge for any entrepreneur willing to obtain a license in the jurisdiction owing to language issues and lack of actual on ground information. However, Empire can assist you in your application. Exactly how!! We cover that later.

It is first essential to know that to apply for a Serbian online gaming license; you have to be a company based in Serbia and fulfil the following preliminary conditions:

  • A minimum capital of € 250,000.
  • A Bank Guarantee Deposit of € 150,000 kept in a bank in Serbia.
  • A risk deposit of € 10,000 maintained by the company.

In case, you fulfil these conditions you can then submit your application to the Games of Chance Board, Ministry of Finance with the following information/ documents:

  • Name and seat of the applicant;
  • Player registration and identification methods;
  • Demonstration of the disaster recovery procedure,
  • Description of the backup storage system;
  • A study on the prevention of the harmful effects of online gambling,
  • Proof of ownership or right to use the appropriate premises;
  • Evidence of compliance with the requirements set out in Act (mentioned above);
  • Rules of the game or the games of chance that will be organised.

After, you acquire the initial permission; you have to take approval from the Military and Technical Institute in Belgrade for the equipment which will be used for the online gaming operations.

It is also essential that you are aware of the fee requirements and the tax payments to be made. For obtaining a Serbian Online gaming license which covers all E-games of chance, a fee of EUR 2,500 per month has to be paid per month.

A tax of 15% on the Gross Gaming Revenue (Difference between amount collected and payout) has to be paid for online betting and 5% for other games. The total amount of tax cannot be lower than EUR 7,500 per month

The process of license issuance is normally completed within 3-4 months.

The Fastest Way to your License

So, you are excited that Serbia can be the ideal destination for your online casino, but slightly concerned about the detailed application process. As I told before! Fear not, for you are at the right place. The Empire team has the requisite on ground experience and knowledge to cover all your doubts about the process. The team at Empire will guide you through the entire process of application to certifying your machines and software for starting your website. The gaming law experts at Empire can be reached through their website or by email at

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Administration for games of chance of Republic of Serbia
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For more information on the legislations behind the program, please visit:
The Laws section of the Games of Chance Administration: ( )

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Waffles, beer, and gaming licenses

Brussels, Belgium: A land famous for its waffles and beer and of course its long history of sea farers and diamond trading, Belgium now is also home to the headquarters of the European Commission. A country with an extremely rich cultural heritage, Belgium is roughly divided into parts, the French speaking part called the Flanders and the Dutch speaking part called Wallonia. No wonder that, no matter whichever building or alley I see, every signpost is written in two languages which is rare for any European country and presents a slight insight into the desire of the Belgians to stay united even with the wide diversity.

As a member of the European Union, Belgium is a part of the common market and enjoys the four freedoms. The Government of Belgium realised that this could be used to promote Belgium as a gaming destination in Central Europe. Gaming was a natural progression since Belgium already saw a large number of High Net-worth individuals visiting the country for business. As a well recognised and secure online gaming destination Belgian online gaming licenses are sought after by entrepreneurs.

Expansion into the online gaming sector was a natural progression for Belgium keeping in view the spread of the Internet and online gaming in Europe.  The gambling sector in Belgium, both onshore gambling and offshore gaming is regulated through the Gaming Act of 1999. The Legislation is continually updated keeping in view the changing scenarios. On the other hand, the responsibility for regulating online gambling in Belgium lies with the Gaming Commission which is sole authority entrusted with issuing licenses and enforcing laws.

Types of Belgium Gambling Licenses:

Belgium Gambling Licenses are divided into distinct Online and Offline gaming licenses. The main forms of Belgian casino licenses are:

  • A Type License: To open a land based casino.

A+ License: For holder of an A-type license holder to operate an online casino

  • B Type License: To open a land based slot machine arcade

B+ License: For holder of a B-Type License to operate slot machines online

  • F1 License: For organizing Wagers on Sports and Horse Racing

F2 License: For accepting bets on sports events at common areas

F1+ License: For organizing online wagering

Details about the licenses are available at

How do I get a Belgium Gaming License

The varied types of licenses makes obtaining a Belgian online gaming license a herculean task at first sight. But, thankfully Empire can assist you to simplify the process. For beginners, it is necessary in Belgium that an offline license of the same type is held to apply for an online license. For instance, an ‘A+ (online license)’ can only be applied for by a holder of an ‘A- type license’. The application needs to be made in the required format to the Gaming Commission.

In brief the following conditions needs to be fulfilled for all types of Belgian Licenses:

  • Extract from the judicial record (no older than three months);
  • Certificate of good conduct demonstrating that you hold full civil and political rights;
  • Copies of your last three personal income tax returns and tax assessment notices;
  • Copies of tax returns for the company together with the relevant records, supporting documents, statements and details supplied for the last three assessment years;
  • Documents stating identity of all shareholders including names, first names and national numbers (for Belgian shareholders) OR the full identity (for foreign shareholders);
  • The number of shares per shareholder;
  • Copy of the Agreement concluded between the operator and the municipality where the gaming establishment is to have its place of business;

Additionally for the online license, the following details need to be submitted:

  • a list of the type or variety of games of chance offered;
  • Proof of financial resources and the capacity to pay the security deposit for the license type which is sought (€ 250,000 for A+, € 75,000 for B+ & € 10,000 for F+ licenses).
  • The rules of the games of chance to be played
  • The Location of the server and the identification of the server along with the name of the website.

The process of license issuance is normally completed within 3-4 months. More details about the entire process can be obtained from

Empire as your preferred partner for a Belgian Gaming License

A Belgian Gaming License is your gateway to a large and affluent market with immense revenue potential. Let the gaming Professional Services & Advisory Firm at Empire Professional Services & Advisory Firm take care of the licensing process while you focus on your business. The team at Empire will guide you through the entire process of application to certifying your machines and software for starting your website and will be available to answer your queries. The gaming Professional Services & Advisory Firm at Empire can be reached through their website or by email at

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Gaming Commission (

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The Gaming Act: (