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Empire is a full-service Professional consultancy service providing an array of specialized services to clients from all around the world. Our firm is growing at a rapid rate with a special emphasis on financial services licensing, gaming & forex licenses, second passports, immigration issues, and corporate consultancy. The firm has served thousands of clients from different countries in varied areas ranging from corporate disputes to tax-saving solutions. We have earned the respect and admiration of our clients as the premier firm in handling your international business needs now and into the future.
The firm has a special focus on citizenship and immigration issues and also has expanded its service areas on the issue. It covers several jurisdictions from Asia, Europe and the Americas where individuals can apply for a second citizenship or a Permanent Residence permit. It has tried to be new countries into this list depending upon the changing on-ground scenario.
Empire has also ventured into new areas such as Offshore Banking and Offshore Immigration to keep up with the new and emerging fields which have emerged with the changing world. It has helped clients to secure their funds better and also target better investments through their offshore funds.
Online Gaming is among the latest practice areas of Empire. In this area, Empire provides dedicated support to its clients ranging from procurement of licenses to finding business partners through many jurisdictions. Empire has maintained a strong corporate practice with consistent support for its corporate partners.
We encourage you to contact us to enable us to be your business and personal solution provider.

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