Although Arbitration has existed as a mode of dispute resolution for a few hundred years now, but it has emerged as the most preferred means of business dispute resolution in the last few decades owing to its simplicity, transparency and low costs. The signing and subsequent ratification of the New York Convention has also promoted the growth of Arbitration as it now easier to design agreements with arbitration clauses and ensure that those clauses are recognised by the courts.
Arbitration at present times consist of-
• Domestic Arbitration
• International Arbitration
Domestic Arbitration refers to a situation when the parties to the arbitration are both from within the country. International arbitration on the other hand involves parties from different countries and in some special situations even two different states.
We at Empire advice our clients on incorporation of the most suitable arbitration clause in their agreements depending on the type of the agreement and the parties involved. This is essential to ensure that in case of any needs for arbitration it can be undertaken without any hassles.
Further, in case of any arbitration disputes which may involve our clients as applicants or respondents, we can provide assistance throughout the process from preparing the initial briefs to enforcement of the awards. We can provide our assistance in both domestic and international arbitration scenarios keeping in mind the varied nature of the dispute resolution process in both the situations.
We understand that arbitration may involve large stakes for your company and we request you to get in touch for evaluation and advice on your situation.

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