Austria is one of the most prominent countries of Western Europe with a highly developed and stable economy. It has stated an Investment for citizenship scheme to promote job creation and investment in the local economy.
The citizenship program in Austria is governed by Section 10 (6) of the Citizenship Act and this provides an opportunity for foreign person with extraordinary merit to obtain Austrian citizenship. However, mere investment is not enough and the entire process of obtaining citizenship goes through a long official process which involves back ground checks and a processing time which may be longer than 12-14 months.


(a) Extraordinary merit as recognised by the Government.
(b) Significant contribution into the Austrian economy (around USD 10 million).
(c) References from important personalities.
(d) Significant background checks.


(a) Among the most valuable passports in the world providing Visa Free access to most countries across the globe including the USA.
(b) European Union Citizenship and right to residence across the EU.
(c) No requirement of residence in Austria.
(d) Data on citizenship and passport not shared.

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