Bank Introduction Services

An Offshore Banking Account is an important part of the business and financial planning of our clients and we understand its importance. Finding a suitable destination for opening an account and selecting a perfect bank for the purpose requires in depth knowledge of the countries and the banks. This can be a herculean task and undertaking such research can be a highly challenging task for the busy business personality.
Keeping in view the needs of our clients, we provide them advice on a bank suitable for their individual requirements and also assist them in completing the account opening process. The process however consists of the following steps:

  • We first understand the individual needs of the client regarding his off shore account.
  • We provide him with a list of possible destinations and banks and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • We discuss any further queries about the chosen banking destination.
  • We provide the forms and documentation requirements to our client and assist in completing them.
  • We introduce the client to the bank and then answer any remaining queries of the client.

Following these steps, we follow up with the client to understand if he faced any issues and if the process has been completed. In case of any issues, we undertake our best efforts to solve them. The process can sometimes also involve trips to the bank in case the client desires.
We request you get in touch with the Empire  team at earliest to enable us to provide you with customised solutions.

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