Banking Assistance

Online Gambling and Gaming is a highly specialised sector which requires specialised banking services. Most banks are not aware of the large number of transactions which take place in this business and the need for continuous flow of funds across borders. As such they may block the accounts which can severely impact the business.

Certain Banks and jurisdictions are unusually sensitive to gambling and gaming as businesses and would block any bank accounts indulging those activities. If the block is performed without any intimation it can cripple a business.

Keeping these special needs in mind, Empire provides specialised Banking Assistance to this industry and helps the customers to build strong relations with the banks. To start off, we introduce the websites to open and maintain bank accounts in friendly banks which understand the nature of the business.

We can also assist you in procuring special documents which may be sought by the banks for the accounts due to the special nature of the business. Many banks also provide special foreign currency transaction privileges for the business and we help the customer identify these for their business.

We t Empire understand that the baking needs in the industry can vary and we are ready to form special packages or perform individualised tasks for our clients keeping n mind their needs.

No designation has been made by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization for a Certificate of Special Competence in this area.

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