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A rapidly developing Central American nation, Belize is a new global business and financial services destination. The country is a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and also has strong business relations with other Latin American economies. It is an English speaking nation that has made it a popular destination for investors from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The government of Belize has made significant efforts to diversify the economy which was previously dependent on Tourism, Oil, and Fishing. Financial services have emerged as a preferred option owing to the creation of jobs and the potential for the development of ancillary sectors.



Belize was among the first countries to recognize the potential for electronic gaming and introduced the Computer Wagering Licensing Act, 1995. The sector, however, received a major boost when the Government introduced the Gaming Control Act, 2000 to regulate the entire gambling sector. The Government also supplemented the laws by the introduction of the Gaming Control (Online Gambling) Regulations, 2004. The entire online gaming industry including the license issuance process and the control of the functioning of the Online Casinos are under the Gaming Control Board of Belize.

Gaming Licenses in Belize

There are three main types of gaming licenses issues in Belize

  • Gaming Licenses for Land-Based Casinos
  • Gaming Machine License for land-based gaming machines such as poker machines, slot machine or any other electromagnetic machines.
  • Online Gaming License which is also called the Belize Online Casino License.

The Online Gaming License allows the operation of all forms of games including:

  1. Live dealers entertainment,
  2. Sports betting,
  3. Lottery,
  4. Slot machines or other gaming programs.

Empire Global Partners PLLC through its licensed providers in Belize enables you to acquire a Belize Online Gaming License with permissions from all competent authorities and government bodies in Belize.

Basic Eligibility for a Belize Online Casino License

The basic eligibility requirements for a Belize Online Casino License are:

  • The applicant has to be a domestic Belize Company
  • The personal identification details of directors, officers, partners, and major shareholders of the company must be submitted.

These details will not be published. However, before the submission of the application, the applicants have to ensure that they fulfill the following conditions:

  • They have not been convicted by any court of financial crimes or violations of corporate governance principles within the last ten years.
  • They have not been penalized by any Regulatory body or any government within the last ten years for any act of dishonesty or misuse of funds.
  • No conviction for any tax-related offenses in the last ten years.
  • Have not been convicted within the last ten years for perjury, forswearing, failing to cooperate with a law enforcement investigation, or making false statements to a law enforcement agency or representative. 
  • Has never been convicted of any cyber crimes or crimes involving telecommunication networks.
  • Has never been convicted for any crimes involving arms or use of force.
  • Has never been involved in any sexual offenses involving children, elderly or disabled.
  • Has never been convicted or extradited for any crimes under Article 3 of the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988.
  • Has never been convicted or extradited for any crimes under the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (all Protocols);
  • Has been convicted, within the respective time-frames, of aiding, abetting, facilitating, enabling, conspiring to commit, or failing to report any of the listed crimes above (i.e., within the past 10 years for crimes listed in (a) – (d) above, or ever for the crimes listed in (e) – (i) above);  
  • Has entered a guilty plea as part of a plea agreement or has a court case in any jurisdiction with a disposition of Adjudicated Guilty or Adjudication Withheld (or regional equivalents), within the respective time-frames listed above for any of the listed crimes (i.e., within the past 10 years for crimes listed in (a) – (d) above, or ever for the crimes listed in (e) – (i) above);
  • Is the subject of a disqualification imposed by the Court/ Government and in effect at the time the application is considered;
  • Fails to provide Empire Global Partners with the identifying information necessary to confirm identity at the time of application or to resolve questions of identity during the background screening process;
  • Fails to provide a good faith effort to disclose all relevant information relating to items (a) –(m).

Steps for a Belize Online Casino License

There are three distinct stages in the process of applying for a Belize Online Casino License.

Stage 1: Initial Evaluation, if the applicant is fit and proper to apply

At the beginning of the First stage, the applicant approaches Empire and fills in a preliminary application form showing their interest in the program. On approval of this application, Empire provides them an Application Guidebook containing all application forms, regulations and basic guidance for filling up the forms on payment of a nominal fee. The client can also seek an appointment with the Empire to know more details about the application process and completion of the application.

The next steps in the first stage are:

  • The application guidebook with The Belize IBC Application (Domestic Belize Corporation), Belize Gaming Trade Association & Club Dues and an online gaming license application form are provided to the applicant.
  • Applicants will have a meeting with Empire for more information about the eligibility requirements and fill in the application form. The client will be provided special guidance on financial capability and technical knowledge about the business.
  • The applicant will be informed about the supporting documents for the application form. Among the important documents which are required are:
    • Complete Company Probity Form
    • Complete Personal Probity Form: about the applicant
    • Payment vouchers for prescribed fees
    • Business Plan
    • Passport or Visa copies (including current and previous passports)
    • Citizenship Certificate
    • Certificate of Non-criminal Record
    • Additional documents as may be sought by the Competent authorities
  • In the next step, the application form has to be submitted to Empire PLLC. The form should be fully completed and incomplete application forms can normally not be modified later. Hence, generally, they will not be accepted.
  • On receipt of the application form. Empire will evaluate the form and ensure that all questions are answered, all supporting documents are enclosed and all requisite fee amounts have been paid.


Stage 2: Government Evaluation of License Application

The Government inspection of the application called the “Administrative Completeness Check” is now completed by the Government authorities. The check is normally completed within 8-16 weeks. However, as a part of its aim to provide the best services, Empire provides a medium for the expedited check. In this process, the decision is normally taken within 4-6 weeks. However, the Belize Government may charge an additional fee of $1000-2000 for the purpose.
The second part of the Government evaluation process is the ‘Initial Evaluation Process’ by the Gaming Board. The process starts with a Background Check conducted on the basis of the submitted information. The Evaluation process involves checking all details including technical information, business plan and personal information of the application.

In case, the applicant does not fulfill certain conditions of application, it will be conveyed to the applicant. The applicant can then submit the additional documents and call for an extended evaluation.

In case, the applicant does not request for extended evaluation or fails in the extended evaluation, then the application is rejected. In case, it fulfills the initial or extended evaluation, it moves on to the final stage.

Stage 3: Approval by Committee and Grant of License

The last stage of the process is final approval of the application by the Gaming License Review Committee on the basis of the evaluations. The decision of the committee is then informed to Empire who then conveys it to the applicants.

Belize gaming license cost

The cost of the Belize Online Gaming License involves a number of components and the costs can vary according to the type of license.

The first part of Fees is the “One Time Fees” which are as follows:

One Time Fees

Sl. No. Type of Fee Details about the Fee Fee amount

(in USD)

  1. 1
Guidebook Application Fee Fee for the application form and Guidebook to submit the application 500
  1. 2
Offshore Company Application Fees The fee to apply for a Belize IBC 2000
  1. 3
Belize Gaming Trade Association & Organisational Dues Special Fee to be paid for operations 5000
  1. 4
Gaming License Application and Admission Fees and Legal Advisory Fees Fee for application and services On Request


The second part of the fees is the Annual Fees and they have to be paid every year. The Annual Fees are as follows:

Annual Fee

Type of License Amount in USD Details about the Fee
Offshore Company Renewal Fee (Annual) 500 Fee for renewal of the Belize IBC initially formed
Belize Gaming Trade Association & Organisational Renewal Fee 5000 Fee for Membership of the Organisations necessary for Gaming Licensees
Online Gaming License Renew Fee (Annual) 15000 Annual Fee to be paid for the Online Gaming License charged by Govt.


The third part of the Fee is for running the operations in the Free Trade and Free Development Zone. They are as follows:

Free Trade Zone Fee

Turnover of the Licensee (in USD) Amount of Fee (in USD)
0-15 Million 0.07% of Turnover
15-50 Million 0.06% of Turnover
Above 50 Million 0.05%
Annual Renewal Fee in Total 30,500 + Development & Construction Fees

How to get a Belize Online Gaming License?

The Belize Gaming Licensing framework involves complex legislation and a number of pre-application procedures. Keeping in mind this scenario, Empire offers you the fastest and most reliable path to a Belize Online Gaming License. A renowned Gaming Professional Services & Advisory Firm, it has a team of Gaming experts with years of experience in Belize Gambling Licensing. Depending upon your choice of the type of license, the experts at Empire can guide you with your exact documentary requirements and the nuances of the application. You can reach the Online Gaming License experts at Empire through our website and or by email at We offer clear written contract agreements clearly mentioning the applicable charges including the refund policy, in the unlikely event that the application is unsuccessful.

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