A Securities Token (STO) Exchange opens the possibility to be a key player in the rapidly growing world of Tokens which are considered as securities. With various forms of securities including shares, bonds, and debentures being issued in the form of securities tokens, an STO exchange is similar to a stock exchange for the future. […]

A Securities Broker-Dealer License enables an individual or a company to deal with securities which include shares, debentures, bonds, and other forms. A highly valued permission, it enables businesses to deal in securities on behalf of others and accept funds from clients in permitted jurisdictions. The license also enables acting as a market maker or […]

Remittance and Payment is a major business worldwide with funds close to $700 billion transmitted worldwide. A Kazakhstan Remittance and Payment Institution License is a door to enter into this lucrative business. With a remittance license, the holder will be able to receive and transmit funds worldwide in compliance with the terms of the license. […]