In Arizona, no person shall engage in the business of money transmission, receiving and transmitting money within the U.S. or abroad, without a license. If additional business locations are located under control of a licensee, rather than authorized delegates, a separate “branch license” must be obtained. The regulatory body which issues Arizona Money Transmitter License […]

Washington Money Transmitter License (WMTL) is required for those who are receiving money or its equivalent value to transmit, deliver, or instruct to be delivered the money or its equivalent value to another location, inside or outside the U.S. Licensing Authority is Department of Financial Institutions, Washington. What are the requirements to apply for a […]

Any entity who are selling money orders or engaging in the business of money transmission, whether or not they are physically located in Virginia, must obtain a money transmitter license. Licensing Authority is State Corporation Commission, Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions. It is not so difficult to obtain a Virginia Money Transmitter License (VIMTL). The […]