The licensing process for a Money Transmitter (MT) is regulated both at the Federal and state levels of the United States of America (USA). Licenses have to be acquired from the local governments at the state level followed by the FinCEN at the federal level. While the state level for the licensing process evaluates the […]

A license for a Payment Service Provider is issued under the new e-Payment Regulation of United Arab Emirates. Under the provisions of the Regulation, four categories of payment service providers can be licensed. The first among them is the Retail payment service providers which include Commercial Banks and other forms of Payment Service Providers which […]

A license for a Payment Service Provider (PSP) is included within the broad ambit of payment systems in Switzerland. The licensing of Payment Systems is covered under the broad ambit of ‘payment systems’ under the Financial Market Infrastructure Act of Switzerland. An application for a Switzerland Payment Service Provider has to be made to Swiss […]