Investment Funds in Cyprus are regulated under the Alternative Investment Funds Law of 2018. As a member of the European Union, a license in Cyprus offers access to the large European Union market subject to compliance with the license conditions. It also offers a stable investment environment and access to international standard banking facilities.

Investment Funds in the Cayman Islands are regulated under the Mutual Funds Law 2015 Revision. The Hedge Funds also fall within the same regulation as they fall under the definition of Mutual Funds in the Cayman Islands. Obtaining a Cayman Islands Investment Fund license will also permit the operation of hedge funds.

Mutual Funds in The British Virgin Islands are regulated under law and Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010. A BVI Investment Fund License can be issued for three types of mutual funds: A public fund, a private fund or a professional fund. There are certain exemptions for funds registered in exempted jurisdictions which can register […]