Belize Mutual Fund Licenses are issued under the Belize Mutual Funds Act Revised Edition 2011. For businesses which are seeking to offer services to the general public, it is recommended that they obtain the public fund license out of the three types of licenses offered in Belize. The licensing process for a Belize Mutual Fund […]

Bahamas Investment Fund Licenses are issued by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas also called as SCB. A Bahamas Investment Fund License is issued under the provisions of the Investment Funds Act, 2003 and the Investment Fund Regulations, 2003. As a prerequisite for applying for a Bahamas Investment Find License, it has to be determined […]

An Australian Hedge Fund License is essential for any business or persons providing any investment schemes operating as a hedge fund in Australia or to Australian residents if you are located abroad. The license for operating a Hedge Fund in Australia is issued in the form of an Australian Financial Service License with a registration […]