Bookkeeping is a specialized service required for almost any company or business entity. However, it becomes even more important for the online gaming sector keeping in mind the following issues:

  • The specialized accounting formats of the Regulatory authorities which require regular submission of reports.
  • Continuous scrutiny and record seeking by National authorities owing to international pressure.
  • Records sought by banks.
  • Detailed records sought by taxation authorities keeping in view the strict taxation on online gaming.
  • A large number of cross border transactions.

As it is a highly regulated sector and is under constant scrutiny by authorities, they sometimes seek detailed records in uncommon formats which cannot be sufficiently fulfilled with data recorded in traditional bookkeeping formats. In addition to this, the industry generates large amounts of data everyday which makes it extremely tough to maintain records.

Online Gaming Platforms at many times also have to keep track of suspicious transactions of high values owing to international agreements and regulatory policies.

Empire through its partners provides specialized bookkeeping services of the online gambling business for all major online gaming jurisdictions across the globe.