One of the cultural hubs of Europe, Bulgaria is a rapidly growing economy which joined the European Union in 2008. The country has undergone a rapid transformation from an old soviet styled nation to a free and modern economy. The country is located at the cross roads of Europe and Asia and is blessed with ample sunshine and a temperate climate.

The Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program (BGIIP) provides an opportunity both for Permanent Residency as well as obtaining Bulgarian citizenship. It is one of the most prominent Investments by Citizenship program in Mainland Europe and is preferred by many High Net worth citizens.


(a) Investment in Government bonds for a minimum of 511,292 Euros.
(b) A declaration of the source of funds.
(c) Crime Free Record and not subject to criminal proceedings.
(d) Option for Fast tracking citizenship to one year by an additional investment of €512,000 in government bonds or in the capital of a Bulgarian company.
(e) The second additional investment must be held for a period of 2 years.


(a) Citizenship or Permanent Residency in the European Union.
(b) No donation required and money invested returned after the completion of the fixed duration.
(c) A financed option is available for the purchase of the Government bonds.
(d) Exemption in the statutory residence requirement possible under certain circumstances.
(e) Option for fast tracking European citizenship.

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