• Business sales timelines

Buyer Services

We understand that purchasing a Home Health Service can be a major investment decision and as such, we provide a complete range of services for buyers to enable them to make the best decisions. We have a long experience in the evaluation of businesses and their true value.

We provide help right from the first step of the identification of possible assets for purchase.

We then help you with the basic information about the property. In case, it fulfills the basic requirements, we can assist in signing the agreements for negotiations and confidentiality agreements. Then we can make arrangements for due diligence of the properties after collection of necessary documents from the sellers.
At the final stage, we can aid in the final price negotiations and in drafting the transfer timelines and schedules. We can then assist in the transfer of the assets and in the initial transition period of the management.
We can also undertake any other activities required by potential buyers for finding the right property.

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