Casinos licensing and banking


Casinos Licensing and Banking


Gambling and Casinos form a part of a heavily regulated industry which is also generally highly profitable for the investors. On the other hand, they invite large amounts of speculations of illegal activity which prompts Governments to regulate them highly and keep the image of the country clean.
The growth of the internet, on the other hand, has enabled the industry to go online and the entrepreneurs are no longer limited to national borders for their clients. This has prompted them also to look for the most business-friendly jurisdictions to establish their businesses and procure a competitive advantage on similar online players.
The process of establishing an online casino or gambling related business, however, is not as simple as one is made to believe at first sight. It involves liaison with several Government agencies, Banks and Payment services providers in addition to ensuring that you do not violate the domestic laws of the countries where you seek to acquire your clients from.
The Empire Global Partners Team has deep experience in the entire process of acquiring an offshore casino or gaming license and also of the associated services. We can support you with a customized plan best suited to your business idea and keeping in view the timelines that you provide us.


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