Today Stream.ME and Mockit League announce an exclusive partnership.
The social video platform, Stream.ME, will be hosting the Mockit League Rocket League Championship series. The three day event begins today, April 19 and will run through April 21 and will include content including live Rocket League events, as well as hosting Granny Nominated EDM artist, deadmau5.

In a statement, Managing Partner for Mockit League said,

We knew deadmau5 was a fan of Rocket League, so we reached out to him Gamer to Gamer, to see if we could make this thing work, in every possible way, while keeping things Fun and Free for the fans. This is a labor of love, friendship, and overall just having fun with our downtime.

Lionel Iruk, General Counsel and Head of International Business Development added,

We knew live streaming would be a key part of our success story when we launched Mockit eSports, and so far we have grown faster than anyone had ever imagined. With tens of thousands of monthly viewers for our matches, we couldn’t be happier to be working with a team like Stream.Me, to really expand Rocket League further into the mainstream. We know the fans are the essence of esports.

Mockit League’s Rocket League Championship series includes year-round tournaments and events, Celebrity Underground Live Streaming, and an upcoming free play casino tournament. Kyle Moss, Executive Director of eSports Operations at Mockit said, We just hear what the fans say and react. We’re just players and gamers like everyone else, and we just want this thing to bring people together. The incredible engagement Mockit League has garnered on with the Rocket League subspace, both by businesses, artists, and fans alike is a testament that our League fills a much-needed space within eSports.

Fans can tune into Stream.ME to catch all the action.