Citizenship by investment programs


Citizenship may be inscribed by birth, residence or the ancestry of a person. It is linked to a number of privileges such as visa restrictions, access to social security schemes and the right to reside and work in a place. In many cases, a person may desire alternative citizenship in addition to the one held by him to benefit from the aforementioned privileges which may be linked to the second citizenship.



Why is second citizenship important?

In the present day globalized scenario, where the world is your home, there should be no reason that you should be bound by borders merely because your Passport does not allow you visa-free travel. It should also not be the reason for you to stay in economic and social turmoil. Second citizenship can open doors to residence and travel in another country and may also provide linked social security, work, and travel benefits.

Citizenship by Investment Programs

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind and to attract High Net worth Individuals to invest in their economies, a few countries around the world have opened ‘Citizenship for Investment Schemes’ also known as ‘Economic Citizenship Schemes.’ These schemes are available in countries at various locations ranging from the sunny Caribbean Islands to Mainland Europe.

How does citizenship by investment programs work?

Economic Citizenship schemes mostly require investment in the country or donation to the country for the development of the country. After a rather subdued beginning in the 1990s, the Economic Citizenship schemes have now caught the eye of the world and every year, individuals invest Billions of Dollars in these countries to acquire their second passport. It is a win-win scenario for both parties involved in the transaction. While the governments receive much-needed funds for the development of the economy, the citizenship aspirant receives a new path to receive the citizenship of a country that he desires. As the new citizens who come through these programs are generally financially strong individuals, so the country also stands to gain in terms of future investment and tax contributions.

The citizenship by investment programs is generally backed by specific legislation and has specific eligibility criteria that are provided by the governments which have introduced the programs. It is recommended that guidance from specialized consultants like Empire Global is taken before moving forward to take benefit from such a scheme.

Empire Global guides you on your path to second citizenship

We at Empire Global are here to assist you to acquire a second Passport through some of the best of these schemes and ensure that you have a smooth experience throughout the process. It is thought that the schemes have opened the gates for security, financial savings and visa-free travel for thousands and there should not be any reason for you to put a second thought considering the innumerable benefits of the schemes. The process would begin through preliminary assessment of your requirements and the legal formalities and would normally end in you acquiring your second passport within the fastest time possible.