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Class Action Defense

Class Action Litigations are among the strongest legal challenges for any company due to the sheer quantum of damage which such litigations may have on the finances of a company. In the case of major companies, the quantum of settlements may approach millions of dollars, depending on the seriousness of the breach and the number of potential claimants.

Our class action defense action focuses on the following areas:

• Anti Trust Class Action disputes
• Consumer Protection Class Action Suits
• Securities Class Action Suits
• Trade Union and Employment Class Union suits
All of the above-mentioned forms of disputes may involve multiple types of claims merged into a single suite for a maximum possible compensation claim. The disputes may either be aggressively defended or a settlement may be sought depending on the scenario.
Under most circumstances, a long-running class-action dispute may have a large impact on the finances of a company and we at Empire believe in assisting our clients in taking the most cost-effective approach to solving the dispute. This may involve mediation and out of court settlements.
We understand that class action suits need to be resolved at the earliest possible opportunity and we request you to get in touch immediately to better understand your situation.

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