Croatia, a member of the European Union is famous for its pristine nature reserves and nature parks. The country has a very long coastline and famous beaches which attract tourists from across the world. The country which is now a Parliamentary democracy after 2000 has a stable political and economic environment.

Croatian residency program


The Government of Croatia has tried to promote Croatia as a tourist destination and expects it to be a major contributor for the Croatian economy. On the other hand, it has tried to encourage investments and business ventures in the country.

Keeping in view this situation, Croatia provides an opportunity for migration into the country in exchange for substantial investment and promising business ventures. Other important measures for the promotion of investment in the economy include a favorable taxation system and proposed fiscal initiatives for a substantial investment. With its proposed inclusion into the Schengen Zone, a Croatian Permanent resident card would acquire even more value as it would then allow visa-free travel throughout the Schengen zone.

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