Dual citizenship

Citizenship for most individuals is their first identity and is mostly acquired by birth or the nationality of the parents. Other means of acquiring citizenship include naturalization and marriage. It is a core part of the identity of a person and rights and privileges such as access to visa-free travel and social security benefits are linked to it.

Dual Citizenship


What is dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship involves acquiring second citizenship in addition to your primary citizenship. Under normal circumstances, it can normally be acquired due to marriage, ancestry or the process of naturalization which makes you eligible for citizenship of a second country.

While, you may fulfill the conditions to have dual citizenship, acquiring dual citizenship needs fulfillment of a number of eligibility conditions as discussed below.

What are the benefits of dual citizenship?

In modern times, second citizenship has become an essential need for several reasons including:

  • visa-free travel opportunities offered by the second citizenship
  • to minimize tax liabilities arising from the citizenship of the first country
  • to be eligible for economic or business opportunities in the second country
  • to be eligible for social security benefits in the second country

People also travel for better economic opportunities or to escape conflict zones.

A few people point out that dual citizenship may expose you to tax liability in the second country or the requirement to undergo military service. While these may be factors for a small population, they can be managed with proper planning and the benefits outweigh any shortcomings many times over.

How can I acquire dual citizenship?

If you fulfill the requirements of ancestry, relationship to the second country due to marriage or have undergone the period of naturalization in the desired second country, then you are in luck and you can apply for second citizenship in the country subject to fulfillment of eligibility conditions.

Most of us are however not so lucky and need to find alternatives to acquire dual citizenship by alternative means. For some, they are unable to fulfill the naturalization requirements due to the shortage of time while for others; they are in an urgent need to travel.

Keeping these problems in mind, several countries around the world have started the process of providing second citizenship based primarily on investment by the individual and fulfillment of a few other basic requirements. These are called ‘Citizenship by Investment’ Programs and they are your fast track to a desired second citizenship.

Process of applying for a second citizenship

The first step in the process of acquiring dual citizenship for you would be to evaluate if the country of your first citizenship allows for the acquisition of second citizenship. If it does not, then you should be certain that you want to acquire the second citizenship since you will have to forego the first citizenship.

If you are not certain about the condition, you can contact Empire Global as we maintain a detailed list of countries and the exact provisions which govern citizenship in those countries.

The next step would be to choose the most appropriate country from the list of countries that offer a citizenship by investment program. We at Empire Global can assist you with the entire process of acquiring second citizenship from Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Cyprus, Grenada, Bulgaria, Dominica, Malta, and St. Kitts and Nevis. You should select your preferred citizenship based on your individual requirements and keep in mind the financial outgo for a particular country. We will be happy to assist you in the decision making process if you inform us about your background and requirements.

Should I get second citizenship?

As our clients agree, acquiring second citizenship would allow a much greater degree of freedom and security and the option should be considered without any second thought. The benefits of second citizenship in the current global political and economic situation far outweigh any perceived shortcomings.