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E-Discovery Services & Strategy

Electronic discovery is one of the latest developments in the field of legal procedures. This development has been possible due to the emergence of computers and the internet and the possibility of data sharing in the electronic (virtual) medium. E-Discovery refers to the process of ‘discovery procedure’ taking place through the exchange of documents through electronic platforms and then ultimately the selection of the documents required through software platforms.

The E-discovery procedure is undertaken through various steps –

• Identification of the documents for further analysis and review.
• Preservation of the documents through the legal hold.
• Collection of the relevant data by the legal counsels after placing on legal hold.
• Processing of the data through placing in specialized software to select data and redact files if necessary and also extract possible metadata.
• Review of the data and also possibly extraction of relevant documents.
• Production, which means the transfer of the documents to the opposing counsel.
The process of E-discovery can involve large costs for the corporations owning to a large number of documents and the time required for the processing of the documents. We at Empire have a well-defined strategy to ensure that your e-discovery needs are fulfilled at the lowest cost.
We believe that the use of modern practices for E-discovery can result in substantial cost and risk reduction. Further, we have contacts with specialized vendors and also internal experts who can simplify and customize the process for every client. We also believe that quality is of paramount importance and we try to ensure high standards of quality of work, no matter whatever is the quantum of work.
As a highly specialized procedure, we encourage you to contact us at the earliest to enable us to build a structured procedure specifically for your needs. We can also undertake corporate due diligence and internal audits if required by the company.

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