Electronic Financial Services

The advent of the internet has changed the world of financial transactions and money flows have gone digital across the globe. From the use of internet banking for transfer of funds to use of credit cards for shopping, money is now generally transacted in the electronic form.
On the other hand, this growth of usage of electronic transactions has meant that there are new challenges for the safety of funds and new threats such as phising, identity theft and financial scams. Further, regulators have brought in new legislations to deal with these issues.
The primary players in the Electronic Financial Services sectors are banks, merchants, payment services providers, certifying authorities and security agencies. On the other hand there might be additional compliances required in case of international transactions.
We at Empire  understand the importance of electronic financial services for your business and are ready to ensure your compliance with all existing legislations. We work with all the major players in this regard and are also able to provide customised solutions based on your business needs.

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