Government Contracts

The Government is amongst the biggest customers for many companies and Government contracts are an unignorable part of their business equations. Companies are related to the Government either as suppliers or service providers. Any dispute with the Government or disqualifications from Government contracts can have a large impact on companies which depend on the Government for majority of their business.
We at Empire understand the importance of Government contracts and deal with the full range of dispute resolution measures for Government contracts. This includes Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation with the Government authorities to bring about a solution to the dispute.
Certain Government contract disputes also arise from potential disputes over the cost of projects and from cost over runs. Others arise from bid disqualifications and sanctions from applying in contracts. Many cases also involve security clearances and the eligibility of companies to apply for contracts.
Some other needs which are frequently brought up by our clients are internal audits and investigation which have to be undertaken by our clients to ensure that they are compliant with the rules. In certain exceptional cases, we also have to evaluate the share holding patterns and possible consequences of mergers and acquisitions. In a nutshell, we cover all stages of a Government contract right from the step of determining the eligibility for the contract to solving possible disputes which may arise during the stage of implementation of the contract.
Due to the varied nature of Government contracts we request you to contact us with your specific needs to enable us to provide a specific evaluation for your corporation.

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