• Government and regulatory law

Government Contracts

The Government is amongst the biggest customers for many companies and Government contracts are an unignorable part of their business equations. A large number of companies are dependent as indirect suppliers to these corporations who ultimately supply to the Government.

Although the Government contracts are large and significant, they come with come some inherent conditions, the most significant of which are:

• Procurement Rules
• Bidding and Tendering Procedures
• Pre-Qualification Procedures
• Export Control Rules
• Specialized contracts and secrecy agreements.
• Sourcing requirements.
The Government contracts through their specialized needs cover a large number of subjects including Taxation Laws, Mergers & Acquisition, Privacy & Data Security, Political Law, and Intellectual Property to name a few.
Keeping in view the unique nature of Government Contracts, we at Empire have built a dedicated team that possesses updated knowledge of these subjects and their importance in Government contracts. We can also help companies in complying with Pre-Qualification requirements to be able to apply for Government contracts.
We encourage companies to contact us about their Government Contract issues to enable us to build customized plans.


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