Government Practice Group – Gaming



Empire Global Partners, PLLC and Iruke Legal Inc Government Practice Group in Gaming, is an interdisciplinary group of high-profile industry attorneys, accountants, technologists, compliance officers which will offer sophisticated legal, accounting, and compliance services to government clients in the gaming industries.

The Government Practice Group in Gaming is comprised of various international attorneys who have served government regulatory working groups and casino investors as outside counsel and who have helped author, implement, administer and enforce laws that currently govern a particular industry.

The Group is chaired by Lionel Iruk, a nationally-recognized authority in International gaming regulatory compliance.
The Government Practice Group in Gaming is comprised of team members from the firm’s Regulatory, Corporate, Intellectual Property, Tax, Immigration, Compliance, and Licensing practice groups.  Our team is chosen for their ability to advise and represent various participants in the global gaming industry, from governments to investors, developers, owners, operators, manufacturers, suppliers and vendors of goods and services.


Empire Global Partners have years of experience in a wide range of participants in the gaming industry. We have significant experience advising clients, including casinos and betting owners and operators, advising on the choice of game equipment and software vendors, eSports entities, banks and non-traditional lenders, inspection bodies, financial institutions, payment service providers, private equity investors.  We also represent technology providers for online and mobile gaming, sports betting and multimedia companies who want to coordinate, collaborate and partner with these emerging players.

Licensing, Findings of Suitability and Approvals

All participation in the gaming industry requires a license or approval from a state regulatory authority and approval by a corporate compliance committee, who issues findings of suitability after conducting background investigations. As a core area of ​​our practice, our Govemren Practice Gaming team helps clients obtain and maintain licenses and approvals, guide them from the initial application to the license issuing, through the ongoing obligation to update regulators. We provide assistance to clients regarding the procedures for applying for a license, the required documents, checking the documentation as well as during the application process until obtaining a license.

Maintaining Compliance with Regulations

With our professional work in the industry, we interpret the rules of the game and work with regulators to resolve all our clients’ issues quickly and clearly. The team closely monitors any trends and changes in regulatory policy that may be considered.
Our goal is also to identify and address potential issues before they become areas of concern to regulators. Then we develop practical solutions to solve problems that meet the legal requirements. The Gaming practice group can provide extremely reliable risk analysis for the sector in which its clients operate.

Full-Service Capabilities

Our team provides all customer support services in all aspects of the gaming or gaming business. The complex levels of regulatory compliance have made consolidation within the industry an increasingly attractive option. Our years of experience in structuring and regulatory advice allow us to guide clients through all stages of the growth cycle. Our game attorneys manage the entire process to achieve efficiency and help ensure that every aspect of the transaction meets regulatory requirements. Our select team of professionals advises local and federal government clients on a wide range of property issues and executes various project-specific transactions around the world.


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