Hotels & Leisure

Hotels and Leisure are a major business across the globe. This industry is also a major contributor to the revenues of the states who depend on tourist arrivals. Empire works with all the three major parts of this industry- hotel owners, management, and lenders.
We provide consultancy services and also aid in the transaction between all these stakeholders while ensuring that their interests are protected.

The main issue which we deal with in this industry relate to:

  • Acquisition of new properties and their financing
  • Due diligence of assets sought to be purchased
  • Government compliances for purchases or construction of new hotels
  • Obtaining necessary permits from regulatory bodies

The area of financing of new hotel assets is highly critical owing to the high value of the assets involved and the high level of due diligence required about the viability of business through the assets. We also can act as authorized representatives for parties while negotiating the prices of new assets and for securing necessary permits for the final transaction to be completed.
At certain times minor disputes also arise between hotel customers and the hotels regarding the services provided and the billing of the hotels. Empire can also assist you in dealing with these disputes which can impact the reputation of your business.

Hotels and Leisure