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Insurance Recovery

Keeping valid insurance is an integral part of all major businesses. The insurance coverage for a business can cover all major issues ranging from damages caused due to fire or natural disasters to possible loss of production or profits from unforeseen events. Normally, modern businesses have comprehensive coverage which covers all possible losses from natural calamities to unforeseen expropriation of investments.
The problems arise when the insurer refuses to pay the claimed amount of damages. Normally cited reasons for not honoring claims include noncoverage of the damages or that the quantum of damages claimed is not reasonable.
Empire can assist companies in such situations by taking up their cases before the companies and going in for negotiations to settle the disagreement. In case this does not lead to a mutual agreement, we can assist the parties to go in for court proceedings to claim their damages.
We can also advise our clients on the legal issues related to procuring insurance and maintaining them invalid standing for the protection of their businesses.

As the issues related to insurance coverage and claims involve a lot of specific situation based circumstances, we encourage you to contact our team at the earliest.

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