Litigation Overview

Litigation is arguably the most common form of dispute resolution. It is also at most times the first alternative for dispute resolution. However, for any company being a party to litigation can have significant economic consensus. As such a thorough evaluation on when to undertake litigation is essential to ensure that the cost of litigation for the dispute is justified for the company.
On the other companies may in certain situations have to be defendants or respondents to a dispute and then it becomes worthwhile to evaluate if the resolution of the dispute by litigation would be the correct option for the company or other measures such as settlement may be considered.
We at Empire believe that through a detailed evaluation of your situation we can advice you on the most realistic solution for your dispute and minimise the potential impact on your company bottom lines. We have a very successful and well structured team specifically to deal with business litigation owing to the specialised nature of the disputes.
We understand that in many situations, a clear understanding of the legal provisions, the exiting case law, the costs associated with the litigation and the probable outcomes and the ultimate cost can provide you the much needed clarity to tackle with a dispute in the best manner. We encourage you to contact us in business litigation scenario to provide a scenario specific evaluation.

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