Businesses depend on a continuous flow of funds and customer-facing businesses need to device adequate facilities to enable their customers to pay for their services. This is crucial when you operate a business that involves a number of small but many transactions by customers pay for their services. Ecommerce companies are a good example of such businesses. With several customers who wish to pay online for their products and services, it is essential that you provide them the ability to receive payments online through a payment medium of their choice.

Costs involved and time required for the listing of a token on an exchange

Costs involved and time required for the listing of a token on an exchange

The costs for providing merchant services depend on the size of the business, the industry where it is operating and the country where it wants the merchant services.

Empire Globalhas years of experience in facilitating businesses. We request you to get in touch with Empire Global at the earliest to understand if you can benefit from our services.

Merchant services refer to the bunch of services which business requires to receiving payments from the customer. It involves two main parts:

  • A Payment Gateway or Terminal
  • A banking service provider which receives the payment from the gateway or terminal and stores it in the account

It is critical that both the services work seamlessly since a failure of the payment gateway will leave you unable to receive services while a failure of the banking service provider will render you unable to receive and use the funds that you have received as payments.

Merchant services come up for discussion whenever a new business is commenced. Obtaining merchant services should be a simple process in general situations but it can very critical in the case when a new business opens in a foreign destination. It is also a sector under continuous scrutiny for sensitive industries such as gambling or cryptocurrency.
The common hurdle faced by businesses is that one of the two parts (either the payment gateway or the payment service provider) is unwilling to provide services to the business which renders them unable to sell their products or services.

Empire Global has a global network of partner banks and payment gateway service providers it works with to provide services to businesses. These partners after discussion with Empire Global prepare a specialized plan to help your business. This can help you receive payments immediately after establishment in a new country.

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