• Non-profit organizations

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations enjoy special benefits in most countries across the globe. These benefits include tax exemptions, leniency in statutory filings and special reporting guidelines. Securing these benefits during the process of formation and running a non-profit organization, however, requires specialized knowledge and expertise.
Issues range from selection of the correct form of legal personality to registration with the IRS to secure the necessary tax benefits for your non-profit organization. The process also requires preparation of forms and documents including bylaws for the non-profit organization and the requisite forms to submit to the taxation authorities (IRS for the USA).
The dedicated team of qualified professionals at Empire ensures that the entire process of formation of your non-profit organization is streamlined and completed within the minimum possible time. We aim to provide you comprehensive and personalized guidance for the formation of the most suitable non-profit organization for your needs after understanding your specific situation.

Get in touch with Empire for any query related to the formation and running of a non-profit organization globally.

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