Offshore Banking

Offshore Corporate Services offered by Empire  covers a wide range of services which cover the entire process from company formation to management and compliances. The entire process is complex and requires the knowledge of corporate and financial laws of multiple jurisdictions as multiple countries are involved in the process. There are a whole range of services which can be provided and customised as per the needs of the customers.
The important services which we provide are enumerated below:
Company Formations by Jurisdiction
We can assist you in incorporating a company as per your jurisdictional preference and keeping in mind your individual needs.

Private Interest Foundations
Private Interest Foundations are created as an alternative to trust and companies and provide a number of benefits particularly in civil law countries. We provide you with the information and guidance for opening a Private Interest Foundation.

Professional Director Services
There are a number of circumstances under which an Individual may not be able to act as a Director while having the need to be in the board of a company. We provide information about the range of services we provide in this area and how you can benefit from them.

A trust is a legal entity created from the benefit of one person by another legal or natural person. It is also one of the most preferred asset protection mechanisms. In this part we evaluate the trust formation options provided by Empire  and their special characteristics.

Trustee Managed Banking Services
A relatively new and complex service, Trustee Managed Banking services provide much needed secrecy and control for Trust beneficiaries. We provide you detailed guidance on how to avail trustee managed banking services.

Private Trust Companies

A Private Trust Company is a company created with the single reason for serving as a trustee. This medium can be very useful in cases where secrecy is of utmost importance. We evaluate the requirements of a Trust Company and can guide you through the process of establishing such a company.

Forex License
The Forex trading sector is normally heavily regulated across the globe. We at Empire can provide you detailed guidance on the process of obtaining a Forex License and the requirements behind the same.

Payment Services Providers

Payment Services Providers are an upcoming source of business due to the growth of Ecommerce services and the need for rapid transfer of Money. Empire  can provide you information on the license required to operate a payment services provider business.

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