• Bank Introduction Services

Offshore Banking and Investment Services

The terms Offshore Banking and Investment services cover a wide ambit of services related to the field of banking and asset management.

We at Empire, through our highly experienced team, can assist you with the following prominent services:

  • Private Banking Services: Private Banking Services refer to personalized services provided to a customer where a particular individual takes care of all your needs without you having to worry about the process. It is available for the highly sophisticated customer who is willing to invest a substantial sum of money and wishes to build long term relationships.
  • Opening and maintaining Offshore Bank Accounts: It is one of the primary services offered where we assist you or your company to find the most suitable destination for opening an account for your banking needs. We guide you through the entire process and assist you with the documentation needs of that bank and jurisdiction.
  • Investment Banking Services: We help you find the right destination for your investment banking and asset management needs depending on your location or your quantum of funds and type of investment sought.
  • Trust Services: We can assist you with opening and maintaining your trust accounts as required based on our experience and your individualized requirements.
  • Other services: We offer a range of other offshore banking services including Bank Introduction and Brokerage accounts and the details are available on our website.


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