Our Expertise

The main expertise of Empire is customizing our professional consultancy services according to the needs of the client. Although we have a large number of service areas that cover the needs of our clients, we have deep expertise on the following issues

  • Obtaining Second Passports/Citizenships & Tax Planning

Empire has a number of years of expertise in finding great Investment for Citizenship plans for our clients who desire for an alternative citizenship. We maintain deep contacts with Governments and agents which enables us to learn about the latest changes which might affect an application and enables us to advice our clients in detail.

  • Obtaining Alternative Permanent Residence Permits

Alternative Permanent Residence Permits have acquired immense popularity as they provide a cheaper option to move on for citizenship at a later time.

  • Offshore Banking and Investment

We offer a full range of off shore banking and investment related service to enable protection of funds in emergencies. These services can also aid in planning for the futures and asset protection.

  • Online Gaming and Casino Destination Development

Empire provides its clients detailed guidance on how to open a gaming business and how it should be managed and maintained.

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