Precious Metals

Precious Metals are a preferred investment option for many investors across the globe particularly as a hedge against market fluctuations. Many however are discouraged from investing through this option owing to the need of specialised storage services for the physical assets.
Empire can assist you in storage of Precious Metals through our partner organisations in countries across the world who posses specialised vaults and safe storage facilities for precious metals. We also maintain contact with private banks which provide these facilities, but they frequently outsource the work to specialised storage units.
Storing the physical assets in a safe storage facility enable you to access the assets as and when required without the need for contacting your bank for the purpose.
We request you to get in touch with the Empire  team to provide you customised information on the options for storage of your precious metals.

No designation has been made by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization for a Certificate of Special Competence in this area.

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