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Securities Litigation


Securities-related litigation is a matter of grave importance to any company as it raises questions on the investment management policies of a company. A large number of such disputes can result in distrust among the investors about the functioning of the company and its duties towards its investors. They might also lead to future investor board conflicts.
We at Empire understand the extremely grave nature of these disputes and assist in both prevention and litigation in these disputes. Of particular concern is a Class Action suit arising from alleged Securities Fraud by the company. Such suits can severely tarnish the image of the company among possible investors and may invite possible regulatory action as well.
We at Empire can assist your company in ensuring a proper Corporate Governance structure and prevent possible conflicts among investors and the company. We can also assist in cases of SEC, FTC or FINRA investigations into the functioning of companies. On the other hand, we can also provide you detailed guidance on how to avoid possible violations such as internal trading, irregular issuance of securities, etc.
Securities Litigation can cause long term damage to the image of your company and may also impair its functioning. Through our well experienced and dedicated securities team, we can help you prevent possible situations of such violations and can also help you tackle the outcome of any situation which has already occurred.

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