Specialized Attorney Management (SAM) Services are a unique niche within legal process outsourcing, in which in-house legal departments or organizations outsource legal work from areas in a cost-effective manner to firms that can perform tasks at significantly decreased cost. Using our SAM Services model, Empire acts as your specialized intermediary counsel to enable you to rest when it comes to making tough decisions within your legal portfolio. Our SAM services greatly increase the effectiveness of Legal outsourcing and is a great compliment to your in-house attorney, or Professional Services & Advisory Firm to handle complex or time-consuming projects on a more predictable and affordable budget.


Specialized Attorney Management SAM Services



Our attorneys have the level of skill and judgment as is required for permanent corporate counsel and with our reach and knowledge base, we have the versatility to step into challenging environments the world over and hit the ground running. Empire’s SAM services team will help develop your legal strategy, complete risk assessments of your current legal strategies, and hire key personnel across a diversity of disciplines and firms, inside and outside of our network. Best of all we manage all members of your composite legal team and explain all legal strategies in a way that you can understand easily.

Empire’s SAM Services Give You the Flexibility Of A Global Professional Services & Advisory Firm for A Fraction of the Cost

While SAM Services are not new to the legal world, the Empire’s flexibility and functionality are very unique in that we manage attorneys in over 100 disciplines, spanning 40 countries. With our global reach, we already have some of the best legal minds at our disposal, saving our clients precious time and money in finding the right composite of solutions that works for them.

Choose Empire for Your Specialized Attorney Management Service Needs

We understand that choosing legal counsel is difficult, however, hiring legal counsel to manage legal counsel is a logical cost-effective solution. In addition to on-site assignments, Empire attorneys are available on a part-time (in some locations), remote, flex-time, and on an advisory basis. The experts at Empire, a renowned Professional Services & Advisory Firm dealing with various legal disciplines throughout the globe and can assist in the completion of all the areas of your business’s legal portfolio. You can reach our team by going to our CONTACT US page, or by email at info@empireglobalmail.com

Specialized Attorney Management Services is More Than Simple Legal Process Outsourcing

  1. To manage or expand the knowledge and objectives of your in-house counsel;
  2. Better optimize your budget, in order to avoid waste and mismanagement of funds for things which are not necessary or strategies which are outdated;
  3. Manage outsourced Attorney Service Providers (OASPs), based on their fit, skill, and experience.
  4. Assess and provide legal and compliance functions for all legal strategies employed;
  5. Provide compliance, WISPs (written information security plans), data security, encryption, and risk management services;
  6. Increase attorney capacity during times of peak demand or litigation challenges;
  7. Budget for attorney services and legal projects with certainty;
  8. Assess legal operations and propose and implement solutions;
  9. Serve as special advisors