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Taxation is a highly specialized sector which has an important role in every business decision. Before any major business transaction, the taxability of the transaction and if it is taxable, the tax liability which will arise from the transaction is considered.

We at Empire understand the need for the protection of our clients’ assets and we provide the following broad area of tax consultancy and planning:

• Federal Tax
• State & Local Tax
• Tax-Exempt Organizations
The tax liabilities can arise from several scenarios including normal corporate earnings, extraordinary income, and investment decisions. On the other hand, special tax liabilities may arise out of:
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Bankruptcies and Restructurings
• Financings
• Real Estate Transactions
We also guide offshore tax planning and foreign investments.
We at Empire request you to get in touch with us at the earliest and we can provide you accurate guidance on the ideal tax policy for you and your business and minimize asset loss after understanding your circumstances.

No designation has been made by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization for a Certificate of Special Competence in this area.

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