Trademark & Copyright Litigation

Trademarks and copyrights are extremely valuable assets for companies. A trademark can be the primary identity for any product which provides it a higher value in the market. Copyright on the other hand is associated with literature, music, photographs and determines the right to use and broadcast them.

As these assets are extremely valuable for accompany, so companies take all possible steps to bring unauthorised users to the courts, primarily to claim compensation for unauthorised usage and to seek cease and desist orders.

Trademark Litigation: Trademark Litigation is undertaken against trade dress, dilution, unfair competition, false advertising, false endorsement, domain name, gray market and counterfeit activities. The primary aim is to protect the exclusivity of the trademark and ensure that the goodwill it bears is maintained. Certain trademark claims are also made before Trademark and Trial Appeal Board (TTAB).

Copyright Litigation: Copyright Litigation is undertaken when a copyrighted product is used in an unauthorised manner. This can be the illegal broadcast of music or the illegal printing of books. Other serious acts include movie and music piracy. Copyright litigation tries to ensure that the genuine right holders have the exclusive rights to monetise the product.

Lastly, Empire on behalf of its clients can also act in anti-piracy investigations and ensure that there are no continuing violations and can coordinate with law enforcement agencies to bring them to book.

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