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Overseas Privacy Managed Private Banking Services (VIP Off shore)

The VIP Offshore Banking services are sought by High Net worth businessmen who do not have the time to manage their accounts or investments and would require private individualized service to do the same. This service ensures Privacy and convenience at the same time.
The busy businessman requires immediate service based on his convenience and would require highly specialized services. He might also require making decisions at an instant and a high level of expertise in financial products to take care of his portfolio. The individual would also want all his information to be kept discreet and not to be disclosed.
We at Empire and the banks we work with understand these special needs and for the highly discerning customer we are ready to provide them with Personalised Service through a Senior Bank Manager who would directly deal with the customer and take care of his requirements without ever compromising on privacy.
At certain times, at the request of the customer, his information may be hidden from the view of other employees and may be available only to your Manager and select high officials. At no stage of your banking process right from the opening of the account to maintain it is your private information disclosed to any individual except the select few.

The Privacy Managed Banking Services have associated fees that are charged by the bank for providing these services.We request you to contact us with your Private Banking requirements so that we can provide you with customized solutions and advice.

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