White Paper Review

A White Paper provides a detailed overview of your entire Cryptocurrency Token or Coin (‘Token’) based business for your investors and is generally the first but most critical stage of their decision-making process. A well designed and informative White Paper which provides information about your business and Token will enable your invertors to connect with your business and take it forward.

A White Paper is also a document that is under the scanner of the Regulators as the first document which represents your business and your Token. It is therefore critical that the information presented in the White Paper reflects your business in a correct and legally compliant manner.

The team of experts at Empire Global ensures that your White Paper reflects your business and Token correctly by:

  • Evaluating the structure of your Token and business model and suggesting corrections
  • Providing insights into designing and presenting a legally compliant business model
  • Analyzing the compliance of token distribution and sale models provided in the White Paper
  • Ensuring that the information provided in the White Paper including about KYC, dealing with securities and compliance with the exemption is correct.