The southernmost of the Scandinavian Countries, Denmark has emerged as one of the most prosperous countries in the world. It is best described by its National Anthem “ Der er et yndigt land”
meaning – ‘There is a lovely country’. Composed of islands and lakes and the largest island in the world- Greenland, Denmark is one of the most sought after places of residence in the world with one of the best social support systems and highest standards of living.

The Danish Government is renowned around the world as extremely business-friendly and it recognizes registrations from companies across the world. A member of the European Union, Denmark also provides barrier-free access to one of the largest markets of the world economy.

The Danish Government, on the other hand, has constantly sought to keep its economy ahead of the rest of the world and has accepted new business ideas very rapidly. Among its latest ventures is in the field of Offshore Gaming where Denmark has emerged as a preferred jurisdiction for Gambling entrepreneurs from across the world.

Types of Denmark Online Casino License

Denmark issues online gaming licenses in two forms: Online Casino License and    Betting License. While the Casino License covers Combination Games, the betting license covers sports betting. Remote Gaming in Denmark is broadly covered under the Gambling Act. While Online Casino Licenses are covered by the Executive Order on Online Casinos, online betting is covered by Executive Order on Online Betting.

The entire licensing process and gambling in Denmark are controlled by the Danish Gambling Authority (‘Spillemyndigheden).

Eligibility for obtaining a Denmark Online Casino License

To apply for a Denmark Casino License, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • The applicant must be a minimum of 21 years of age.
  • He must not be under guardianship, or requested guardianship (samværgemål).
  • He must not have filed a petition for restructuring, bankruptcy or debt relief, or be subject to restructuring, bankruptcy or debt relief proceedings.
  • He must not have any debts outstanding to public authorities.

A local company is not required except if the business is seeking to be opened in Greenland.
If you fulfill these requirements, you can move to the next step and apply for an online gaming license.

How to get a Gaming License in Denmark

There are five types of licenses that can be applied for online offshore gaming operations in Denmark:

  • A betting license
  • An online casino license
  • A Joint License for betting and online casino
  • A betting license for a fixed term of one year with a gross gambling revenue limit of DKK 1 million (restricted revenue license)
  • An online casino license for a fixed term of one year with a gross gambling revenue limit of DKK 1 million (restricted revenue license)

More details about the license and Fee for application are available at the Empire Website
The application is made on two main forms:

  • Appendix A contains details on individuals applying for licenses
  • Appendix B contains information about the games to be offered and the registration of players.

The application for an online gaming license has to be made with the Danish Gambling Authority (‘Spillemyndigheden). After acquiring the licenses registrations also needs to be made with the Danish Business Authority and the Tax Administration.

Advantages of a Denmark Gaming License

A Denmark Casino License is preferred due to the extremely clear regulations, transparent application process, and very fast application decision. The joint license allows a large number of games to maximize profitability for the investors. Additionally, on successfully obtaining a license, the licensee also receives permission to use the Label of the Danish Gambling Authority through a labeling scheme “tilladelse fra Spillemyndigheden”. This enables licensees to build trust by proving their authenticity and registration with the gambling authority. Denmark is also on the trusted list of Gaming Jurisdictions of almost all countries across the world including the UK.

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