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The offshore gaming Sector involves many sectors such as online casinos, sports betting, and multiplayer online gaming. The term offshore here refers to the fact that the Gaming Licenses and companies are located in some foreign jurisdictions.
As stated before, the sector involves many gaming sectors and in the present digital age mainly uses the internet to acquire customers from across the globe. We at Empire Global Partners cover many sectors of offshore gaming including licensing, opening bank accounts, and company formation. We can customize packages according to your needs and request you get in touch with us with your needs.

Casino Licenses

Antigua and Barbuda

As a well-respected jurisdiction, Antigua has a well set out application process with clear steps for obtaining an Antigua Gaming License.


The Belgium Gaming Licensing framework involves complex legislation and a number of pre-application procedures.


Belize was among the first countries to recognize the potential for electronic gaming and introduced the Computer Wagering Licensing Act, 1995.


A Denmark Casino License is issued by the Danish Gambling Authority known as ‘Spillemyndigheden’. It works in close cooperation with


A Gibraltar Gambling License, both for online gaming and offline gambling is issued by the Licensing Authority under the Act. However, the Gambling

Isle of Man

An Isle of Man Gaming License, both for online gaming and offline gambling is issued by the Gambling Supervision Commission. The Gambling 


Malta was the first country in the European Union to regulate the e-gaming (remote gaming) sector through regulations issued in 2004.


Montenegro has emerged as a preferred international Online gaming destination. It offers an integrated gaming license which allows for


The Gaming Sector in the Philippines is the second-highest source of revenue after taxation. Traditionally the Gaming Industry both in the Casinos


The new legislation brought much-needed clarity to the Swedish Online Gaming sector and clarity on the exact requirements which need to be met

Online Lottery

Lotteries conducted by online casinos are now a possibility with the advent of secondary lotteries. The term Secondary Lottery

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Online Gaming

Company Formation

The formation of a company is one of the first steps for any business activity and online gaming is no exception. However, as a highly regulated sector, forming a company for online gaming has a few primary hurdles including:

  • The specialized company type or structures required for applying for an online gaming license.
  • The Board structure for an online gaming company.
  • The shareholding requirements in an online gaming company.
  • The appointment of specialized members or employees in an online gaming company.
  • The minimum capital requirements.
  • Domicile and Residential status requirements for the shareholders or board members.

Besides these hurdles, under many situations, the identity and privacy of the ultimate beneficial owners have to be protected. Many jurisdictions also do not allow companies incorporated outside their country to apply for an online gaming license.

Empire understands the specialized requirements and provides company formation assistance in all major jurisdictions providing online gaming licenses. We have partners across the globe and can provide local support for the processes. We request you to get in touch with your specialized needs to enable us to serve you better.


Bookkeeping is a specialized service required for almost any company or business entity. However, it becomes even more important for the online gaming sector keeping in mind the following issues:

  • The specialized accounting formats of the Regulatory authorities which require regular submission of reports.
  • Continuous scrutiny and record seeking by National authorities owing to international pressure.
  • Records sought by banks.
  • Detailed records sought by taxation authorities keeping in view the strict taxation on online gaming.
  • A large number of cross border transactions.

As it is a highly regulated sector and is under constant scrutiny by authorities, they sometimes seek detailed records in uncommon formats which cannot be sufficiently fulfilled with data recorded in traditional bookkeeping formats. In addition to this, the industry generates large amounts of data everyday which makes it extremely tough to maintain records.

Online Gaming Platforms at many times also have to keep track of suspicious transactions of high values owing to international agreements and regulatory policies.

Empire through its partners provides specialized bookkeeping services of the online gambling business for all major online gaming jurisdictions across the globe.

Banking Assistance

Online Gambling and Gaming is a highly specialized sector which requires specialized banking services.

Most banks are not aware of a large number of transactions that take place in this business and the need for continuous flow of funds across borders. As such they may block the accounts which can severely impact the business.
Certain Banks and jurisdictions are unusually sensitive to gambling and gaming as businesses and would block any bank accounts indulging those activities. If the block is performed without any intimation it can cripple a business.
Keeping these special needs in mind, Empire provides specialized Banking Assistance to this industry and helps the customers to build strong relations with the banks. To start off, we introduce the websites to open and maintain bank accounts in friendly banks which understand the nature of the business.
We can also assist you in procuring special documents that may be sought by the banks for the accounts due to the special nature of the business. Many banks also provide special foreign currency transaction privileges for the business and we help the customer identify these for their business.
We t Empire understand that the baking needs in the industry can vary and we are ready to form special packages or perform individualized tasks for our clients keeping n mind their needs.

Licensed Website for iGaming

The website can be your primary identity for the online gaming business. However, under many circumstances, your website has to be compliant with the regulations of the country where you are licensed or where you seek to operate.

In these situations, the Empire can assist you to build compliant websites for third-party verification of the equipment and the software. This helps in a faster start to the business and the prevention of any legal hurdles.

Commonly these needs arise during the period of applying for a gaming license or when the final permission is sought just before the launch of the website.

Payment Processing

Payment processing refers to the mode of collecting payments from customers and for payment of the earnings as and when required. The common payment processors are debit cards and credit card processors, and also prepaid card services
Payment Processing is a highly sought after service in the online gaming industry as many prominent players refuse to provide their services for the gaming industry. The banks which already operate in the sector also face tremendous pressure from the international community over fears of money laundering and illegal activities.
The entire payment processing sector is hugely lucrative owing to the high number of possible businesses coming over the last few years. We at Empire can assist you in opening a payment service or can introduce you to banks if you want to link with them for running the service.


It can be understood that almost all businesses require a definite experience and on-ground guidance to be successful. We at Empire believe that every customer is special and undertakes several processes to ensure that the customer receives his desired level of service.
The need for consulting can arise at any step may it be company formation, due diligence for checking ownership of assets or because of Financial transactions. The problems can be very serious as well and we request you to contact us for any issues related to the business.
We also understand that questions can be complex in the sector because of the high level of legislation and the controls the Government seeks which. We at Empire posses a very well qualified team and have partner organizations across the globe which can also assist us in solving the queries.
So we request you to get in touch with us immediately for your consulting needs and we may carve out a highly individualized solution to the country.