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Offshore Banking and Investment Services

The terms Offshore Banking and Investment services cover a wide ambit of services related to the field of banking and asset management.
We at Empire, through our highly experienced team, can assist you with the following prominent services:

  • Private Banking Services: Private Banking Services refer to personalized services provided to a customer where a particular individual takes care of all your needs without you having to worry about the process. It is available for the highly sophisticated customer who is willing to invest a substantial sum of money and wishes to build long-term relationships.
  • Opening and maintaining Offshore Bank Accounts: It is one of the primary services offered where we assist you or your company to find the most suitable destination for opening an account for your banking needs. We guide you through the entire process and assist you with the documentation needs of that bank and jurisdiction.
  • Investment Banking Services: We help you find the right destination for your investment banking and asset management needs depending on your location or your quantum of funds and the type of investment sought.
  • Trust Services: We can assist you with opening and maintaining your trust accounts as required based on our experience and your individualized requirements.
  • Other services: We offer a range of other offshore banking services including Bank Introduction and Brokerage accounts and the details are available on our website.

Bank Introduction Services

An Offshore Banking Account is an important part of the business and financial planning of our clients and we understand its importance.

Finding a suitable destination for opening an account and selecting a perfect bank for the purpose requires in-depth knowledge of the countries and the banks. This can be a herculean task and undertaking such research can be a highly challenging task for the busy business personality.

Keeping in view the needs of our clients, we provide them advice on a bank suitable for their requirements and also assist them in completing the account opening process.

The process, however, consist of the following steps

  • We first understand the individual needs of the client regarding his offshore account
  • We provide him with a list of possible destinations and banks and their advantages and disadvantages
  • We discuss any further queries about the chosen banking destination
  • We provide the forms and documentation requirements to our clients and assist in completing them
  • We introduce the client to the bank and then answer any remaining queries of the client

Following these steps, we follow up with the client to understand if he faced any issues and if the process has been completed. In case of any issues, we undertake our best efforts to solve them. The process can sometimes also involve trips to the bank in case the client desires.

Overseas Privacy Managed Private Banking Services (VIP Off shore)

The VIP Offshore Banking services are sought by High Net worthy businessmen who do not have the time to manage their accounts or investments and would require private individualized service to do the same. This service ensures Privacy and convenience at the same time.
The busy businessman requires immediate service based on his convenience and would require highly specialized services. He might also require making decisions at an instant and a high level of expertise in financial products to take care of his portfolio. The individual would also want all his information to be kept discreet and not to be disclosed.

We at Empire and the banks we work with understand these special needs and for the highly discerning customer we are ready to provide them with Personalized Service through a Senior Bank Manager who would directly deal with the customer and take care of his requirements without ever compromising on privacy.

At certain times, at the request of the customer, his information may be hidden from the view of other employees and may be available only to your Manager and select high officials. At no stage of your banking process right from the opening of the account to maintain it is your private information disclosed to any individual except the select few.

The Privacy Managed Banking Services have associated fees that are charged by the bank for providing these services. We request you to contact us with your Private Banking requirements so that we can provide you with customized solutions and advice.

Types of Offshore Banking Accounts

Offshore Banking Accounts are marketed and identified by different names. However, they can be divided into three broad groups

Overseas Banking Solutions

Commercial Bank Accounts (Offshore)

Commercial Bank Accounts are primarily used by Companies, Trading Houses, Exporters and Importers, Consultancy Services and E-commerce Companies for performing day to day business functions. These accounts are characterized by a large number of banking transactions inflow and outflow of funds as they are linked to the business of the company.

In addition to transactions, these accounts may also require additional requirements such as linkages to credit card terminals for collecting funds. The businesses may also at certain times require commercial documents such as bank guarantees and Letters of Credits.

Due to a large number of primarily low-value transactions and the unstable amount of account balance, the Commercial Bank Accounts are not provided by several offshore banks who aim to provide specialized banking services only.

Private Offshore Bank Accounts

Private Offshore bank accounts are a form of private banking service where Private Banking through a personal Relationship Manager is provided to High Net-worth Individuals. These accounts may be opened on individual names, in company names or the form of trusts and numbered accounts.

The Private Banking Services aim to provide a wide range of banking services to the customer who typically deposits a very large sum of money but has very little time to spare for banking services. Customers availing Private Banking services are provided individualized service and a large range of banking services including Brokerage, Asset Management, and Investment Banking are provided to him.

Certain Private Bankers also provide VIP Privacy Protected Service wherein the personal details of the account holder are provided to a very select few and he is provided services by a Senior Manager of the Bank who takes care of all his banking needs.

Offshore Retail Banking

Offshore Retail Banking refers to largely plain vanilla retail banking services provided at offshore destinations to individuals and businesses. In these cases, the customers seek to understand the process of offshore banking by opening general accounts at offshore locations.

The services provided are generally similar to normal commercial banks with the associated benefits of the country where the bank is located. These services are best suited for the individual or businesses who are experimenting with the process of offshore banking and how they can benefit from it.

Empire with its team of experts is in a unique position to assist you with any of your offshore banking needs and any account types due to our deep links with banks from offshore destinations across the globe.

Gambling Affiliate Banking Introductions & Recommendations

The Gambling affiliate business has proved to be a highly lucrative option for many entrepreneurs as it can generate a relatively high amount of returns with the minimum cost incurred by the person establishing the business. The business has created numerous millionaires and is still an open market for expansion particularly for individuals with the right banking and corporate structures.
The Gambling affiliate business does not involve collecting any act of collecting direct funds through a gambling pot or services. However, for many banks, any funds related to Gambling are subject to strict scrutiny even though it may not be sourced directly from Gambling earnings. As such many Gambling affiliates are unable to find banks willing to allow them to open accounts for receiving their funds.

Empire with its team of experts can provide you with recommendations of offshore banks that understand the business and can provide you with customized solutions.
We can also introduce you to Banks and guide you in the documentation process for opening your bank accounts for the Gambling affiliate business.

Lawyers Trust Account

A Lawyers Trust Account is an Escrow Account in which the funds are held in escrow by the lawyer on behalf of his client for undertaking any transaction. It is one of the most preferred ways to undertake business dealings in many offshore destinations.
A Lawyers Trust Account is the preferred way for undertaking real estate transactions in New Zealand where the funds are kept in a separate bank account and also protected by domestic legislation against any possible misuse. The facility is also available through Empire in many other destinations across the globe.
A Lawyers Trust Account is particularly beneficial when you have to transfer or receive funds at an offshore destination but do not have the time to establish a company or open a bank account for the same. The funds can be held in the trust account until the necessary formalities are completed.

Operating a Trust account requires specific instructions from the client to receive or send out funds and transactions through internet banking or other means are not possible. The funds are normally kept in a separate bank account managed by the funds of the lawyer and are separated from other money which may be handled by the lawyer or his firm. A small fee is normally charged by law firms for providing this service. Empire can assist you with the process of introduction, opening and follow up for the process as required by the client. We maintain contacts with firms around the world for this purpose.

Offshore Bank License for New age banks

The world of traditional banking is undergoing a rapid change and banking start-ups have stepped up to provide easier access and round-the-clock ability to conduct transactions. These new-age banks or neo-banks have revolutionized the sector and are the preferred option particularly for the younger generation and the executive is constantly on the move across the globe. The neo-banks operate through mobile applications or websites only and do not depend on the existence of physical offices or many employees. They have shaken up the industry and are now seen operating across the globe.

Precious Metals

Many however are discouraged from investing through this option owing to the need for specialized storage services for the physical assets. Empire can assist you in the storage of Precious Metals through our partner organizations in countries across the world who possess specialized vaults and safe storage facilities for precious metals. We also maintain contact with private banks that provide these facilities, but they frequently outsource the work to specialized storage units.
Storing the physical assets in a safe storage facility enables you to access the assets as and when required without the need for contacting your bank for the purpose.

We request you to get in touch with the Empire team to provide you with customized information on the options for the storage of your precious metals.