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Kazakhstan Securities Token (STO) Exchange License

A Securities Token (STO) Exchange License is obtained in Kazakhstan after registering as a Domestic TOO (Ltd. Company) which then obtains subsequent permission as a Financial Service Provider from the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market and Ministry of Economy. The license allows the business to accept […]

Kazakhstan Securities Broker-Dealer License

A Securities Broker-Dealer License enables an individual or a company to deal with securities which include shares, debentures, bonds, and other forms. A highly valued permission, it enables businesses to deal in securities on behalf of others and accept funds from clients in permitted jurisdictions. The license also enables acting as a market maker or […]

Kazakhstan Remittance and Payment Institution License

Remittance and Payment is a major business worldwide with funds close to $700 billion transmitted worldwide. A Kazakhstan Remittance and Payment Institution License is a door to enter into this lucrative business. With a remittance license, the holder will be able to receive and transmit funds worldwide in compliance with the terms of the license. […]

Kazakhstan Payment Services Provider (PSP) License

Payment Services Providers are primarily involved in the business of transmitting payments from customers to businesses such as service providers electronically. They are also sometimes associated with payment gateways. Generally, Payment Services Providers are used for credit card bill payments, fund transfers, payment of utility bills, goods and flight tickets and payment to online merchants. […]

Kazakhstan Forex Exchange License

A Kazakhstan Forex Exchange License is the pathway to open a foreign currency trading business. Forex Trade is a lucrative business with billions of dollars being traded on the foreign currency market every day. In fact, it is the largest financial market in terms of the trading volume. With a Forex Exchange License, you can […]

Kazakhstan Financial Services Company License

A Kazakhstan Financial Services Company License enables businesses to perform a wide variety of activities including payment services, forex trading, e-wallet services, crypto exchange, foreign exchange and securities dealing, financial consulting, depository agent activities, merchant services, issuance of debit cards (in specific cases), hosting of currency and crypto trading platforms and software development. It must […]

Kazakhstan Electronic Money Institute (EMI) License

A Kazakhstan Electronic Money Institute (EMI) License enables a business to issue electronic money in exchange for fiat currency. This electronic money can be used for further transactions. A prominent example of electronic money is prepaid cards where value can be loaded and used for future payments. With the push for digital money and cashless […]

Kazakhstan Cryptocurrency Offshore Hedge Fund License

A Cryptocurrency Offshore Hedge Fund License is an emerging field with several blockbuster funds being opened in recent days. More than USD 1 Billion in assets is under management in cryptocurrency offshore hedge funds with more investors being attracted to the rapidly developing sector. These funds invest/trade in liquid, public cryptocurrencies and/or invest in early-stage […]

Kazakhstan Cryptocurrency Exchange License

A Cryptocurrency Exchange License is a very valuable asset and enables you to be a part of a rapidly expanding market. With new cryptocurrencies being introduced every day, a cryptocurrency exchange acquires even more important as people seek to change their existing cryptocurrencies to others or even obtain cryptocurrencies in exchange for payment of fiat […]

Kazakhstan Bitcoin Over the Counter Exchange License

A Bitcoin Over the Counter Exchange License permits the holder to act as a broker for the trade of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on the over the counter (OTC) market. The OTC market is the largest market for cryptocurrency trades with a size much bigger than the cryptocurrency exchanges. The trades on the OTC market […]