A rapidly developing Central American nation, Belize is a new global business and financial services destination. The country is a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and also has strong business relations with other Latin American economies. It is an English-speaking nation that has made it a popular destination for investors from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The government of Belize has made significant efforts to diversify the economy which was previously dependent on Tourism, Oil, and Fishing. Financial services have emerged as a preferred option owing to the creation of jobs and the potential for the development of ancillary sectors.


Belize Online Casino license Overview

Belize was among the first countries to recognize the potential for electronic gaming and introduced the Computer Wagering Licensing Act, 1995. The sector, however, received a major boost when the Government introduced the Gaming Control Act, 2000 to regulate the entire gambling sector. The Government also supplemented the laws by the introduction of the Gaming Control (Online Gambling) Regulations, 2004. In 2014, the updated Gaming Control Act became effective. The entire online gaming industry including the license issuance process and the control of the functioning of the Online Casinos are under the Gaming Control Board of Belize.

  • Popularity

    The Belize Online Casino license is one of the most popular licenses in the World

  • Fast procedure

    If all requirements are met the procedure for obtaining a license is very fast

  • One license

    There is one license for all games

Belize Online Casino license

There are three main types of gaming licenses issues in Belize

  • Gaming Licenses for Land-Based Casinos
  • Gaming Machine License for land-based gaming machines such as poker machines, slot machines, or any other electromagnetic machine
  • Online Gaming License which is also called the Belize Online Casino License

The Online Gaming License allows the operation of all forms of games including Live dealers entertainment, Sports betting, Lottery, Slot machines, or other gaming programs. Belize license is one of the most popular licenses in the World and gives many opportunities and makes the business profitable. With the license, online gambling companies can operate legally.

What is the process to obtain a Belize Online Casino license?

There are few stages in the process of applying for a Belize Online Casino license. The first is Company formation in Belize. Empire Global will provide the applicant an Application Guidebook containing all application forms, regulations, and basic guidance for filling up the forms on payment of a nominal fee. The client can also seek an appointment with Empire Global to know more details about the application process and completion of the application. The application form with supporting documents has to be submitted to Empire Global.

After reviewing and submitting the application, the next step is the Government evaluation process. The Government evaluates applications with a background check conducted based on the submitted information. The Evaluation process involves checking all details including technical information, business plan, and personal information of the application.

The last stage of the process is the final approval of the application by the Gaming License Review Committee based on the evaluations.

What are the requirements for a Belize license?

The basic eligibility requirements for a Belize Online Casino License are:

  • The applicant has to register Company in Belize
  • The personal identification details of directors, officers, partners, and major shareholders of the company must be submitted
  • The applicant must provide a notarized copy of passport, notarized utility bill, bank reference letter
  • A company should provide a profit and loss statement for the previous three years to verify the absence of any debts
  • Applicants must submit papers with information about directors and managers to demonstrate financial means, integrity, and competence

In some cases, additional documents may be required.

How to obtain a Belize Online Casino License?

The Belize Gaming Licensing framework involves complex legislation and many pre-application procedures. Keeping in mind this scenario, Empire offers you the fastest and most reliable path to a Belize Online Gaming License. A renowned Gaming Professional Services & Advisory Firm, it has a team of Gaming experts with years of experience in Belize Gambling Licensing. Depending upon your choice of the type of license, the experts at Empire can guide you with your exact documentary requirements and the nuances of the application. You can reach the Online Gaming License experts at Empire through our website and by email at We offer clear written contract agreements mentioning the applicable charges including the refund policy, in the unlikely event that the application is unsuccessful.

Belize Online Casino license

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