Germany Payment Service Provider (PSP) License

A license for a Germany Payment Service Provider (PSP) is issued by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority also known as BaFIN, the Financial Services Regulator of Germany. As the largest and arguably the most stable economy of the Euro Zone, Germany provides large opportunities for businesses willing to operate in the country. It has a business-friendly environment and a matured market with growth opportunities for all businesses wishing to operate in the country.

An application for a Germany Payment Service Provider has to be made to BaFIN. The application has to be made with all requisite documents and on completion of the requirements prescribed by BaFIN. The applicant has to complete the necessary registration requirements for business in Germany. Also, detailed information on the company and the shareholders must be provided along with internal policies including management policies for the business and Anti-money laundering and Anti-terrorist funding policies.

The BaFIN may, however, seek more documents on a case-to-case basis. A German PSP License is a highly valued asset and may help you expand to many more EU countries. In fact, as an EU member, a license from Germany would enable you to run your operations across the European Union subject to completion of local registration requirements in other countries.

Empire Global has a team of experienced professionals who will assist you through the entire process of the Germany Payment Service Provider application including assistance in the preparation of documents, submission of application, and responding to any queries from the BaFIN.

We request you to get in touch with Empire Global at the earliest to understand the entire process in detail and apply for a Germany Payment Service Provider.

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