How to obtain an Isle of Man Hedge Fund License?

The Isle of Man is a financial services hotspot with major global banks and investment services offering their With a strong economy and well regulated financial services sector, hedge funds across the world increasingly select Isle of Man as a business location. Investment funds in the Isle of Man are regulated under the provisions of the Collective Investment Schemes Act 2008 which considers the investment funds as Collective Investment Schemes.

The Isle of Fund Hedge Fund License is issued through a process of registration by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

The regulator recognizes various forms of Collective Investment Schemes. Among these schemes, the Qualifying Fund and the Specialist Fund are the most preferred options for operating a Hedge Fund in the Isle of Man.

Both the Qualifying Fund and Specialist Fund schemes work through a notification process. The fee for an application for an Isle of Man Hedge Fund License Registration is £1,312 per fund. After completion of the notification process, the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority will register the fund. In addition to the application process, there is a need for continued compliance including maintenance of accounting records and half-yearly submission of information to the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority. The registration has to be renewed annually through the payment of a fee of £1,674 per fund.

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