Kazakhstan financial services company license

kazakhstan financial services company license

A Kazakhstan Financial Services Company License enables businesses to perform a wide variety of activities including payment services, forex trading, e-wallet services, crypto exchange, foreign exchange and securities dealing, financial consulting, depository agent activities, merchant services, issuance of debit cards (in specific cases), hosting of currency and crypto trading platforms and software development. It must be highlighted here that a Kazakhstan Financial Services Company License is unique because it is a single license that permits such a wide range of activities. As a Financial Services Company, businesses will be able to provide a complete package of services to any customer.

The Financial Services Company License also provides much-needed assurance that the business would not need to be dependent on any external service provider for a specific requirement of a customer. This will enable it to provide complete packages services which include securities trading and investment, forex trading, money transmission, and cryptocurrency trading services. It will also enable the business to be at the forefront of the financial services market because the business will be able to introduce any new services without any requirement for further licensing.

A Financial Services Company License is obtained in Kazakhstan after registering as a Domestic TOO (Ltd. Company) which then obtains subsequent permission as a Financial Service Provider from the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market (‘Agency’) and Ministry of Economy. The license allows the business to accept customers from other jurisdictions.

The basis of the license is not a statue but a permissive regime based on express written permission provided by the regulatory authority. While the registration of a financial services company is made with the Ministry of Economy, the Agency is entrusted with functions such as regulation of the financial services, money exchange services, investment funds and insurance companies under the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 11, 2019 No. 203 “On further improvement of the public administration system of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. The permission of the Agency is sought along with the registration of the Ministry of Economy for operating in the financial services sector as a financial services company.

Other Key Benefits

There are several other Key Benefits in obtaining a Financial Services Company License in Kazakhstan:

  • There is a possibility of 100% foreign ownership
  • The Tax rate can be reduced to close to 0% through permitted structuring
  • A possibility to appoint nominees for more privacy
  • Availability of an IBAN Account and SWIFT Identifier for your business
  • Easy accessibility of a payment services provider

How can I get a Kazakhstan Financial Services Company License?

There is a four-stage process for obtaining a Kazakhstan Financial Services Company License.

Stage 1: It involves the collection of documents mentioned below and the preparation of a POA.

Stage 2: Incorporation of a local company that is entered into the Commercial Register which takes around a week. Once the company is incorporated, a Business Identification Number (BIN) is received. In parallel, permission is obtained as a Financial Service Provider from the Ministry of Economy.

Stage 3: After the company is registered and permission is obtained from the Minister of Economy, a bank account is opened for the company and the application process with the Agency is also commenced. The process of registration is normally completed within 4 weeks.

Stage 4: The documents and bank account credentials, debit cards, digipass, and token generators are shipped via courier. An English translation of all documents is also provided.

Kazakhstan Financial Services Company License Requirements?

The documentation requirements for a Kazakhstan Financial Services Company License are minimal. The only key documents are a Notarized copy of the passport with apostille and notarized POA (provided by us) with the apostille. The appointment of nominees is possible if sought by the applicant. There are no requirements for office, staff, business references or a compliance officer. Only a minimum of 1(one) director is required. There is also no minimum paid-up capital requirement. Assistance will be provided for filing of annual returns and contact details of an English speaking accountant will be provided.

Kazakhstan Financial Services Company License Costs and Time

The fee for an application for a license varies on a case to case basis but is considered to be among the most cost-effective in the world. A license is also generally granted within 6-8 weeks of submission of a fully completed application. It includes the time for obtaining permission from the Ministry of Economy and the Agency.

Empire Global has a team of experienced professionals who will assist you through the entire process of Kazakhstan Financial Services Company License application including assistance in the preparation of documents, submission of application and responding to any queries from the Agency and Ministry of Economy. We request you to get in touch with Empire Global at the earliest to understand the entire process in detail and apply for a Kazakhstan Financial Services Company License.