Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Even the best of businesses may face hurdles and need business restructuring, asset sales, or even bankruptcy procedures. We at Empire understand the needs of our clients and provide a wide range of Bankruptcy related services including:

Debt restructuring

Debt restructuring is one of the primary steps undertaken when any business faces a distressing situation resulting in problems in servicing debts. We aid both Corporate Debtors and Secured Creditors in designing comprehensive debt restructuring packages so that their interests are protected.


The acquisition of distressed assets is one of the main ways by which debt-prone companies may be rescued. At many times, the debt-ridden assets can be acquired at a relative bargain by the new owners. We at Empire assist our clients in finding the value out of debt-ridden assets and turning them around into profitable businesses.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Bankruptcy Litigation including the process of filing for bankruptcy and disposal of assets while ensuring that the rights of all the interest groups are protected. This is a very complicated procedure and involves large amounts of filings and documentation. Empire possesses detailed expertise in this field.


Under many cases, the decisions of courts may not favor the clients and in those circumstances, there is a need for an appeal depending on the circumstances of the case. We can assist the companies in filing appeals when required across multiple jurisdictions.
We can assist you in all Restructuring and Bankruptcy related litigation and consultancy and request you to contact us with your needs.

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