Belgium, known for medieval towns, Renaissance architecture, and as headquarters of the European Union and NATO. Its accessibility from elsewhere in Europe makes it a popular tourist destination. High living standards and excellent public facilities are two of the things that have made Belgium a popular place for living. It also has many top attractions, a friendly and diverse culture, and is the home of multiple European Union (EU) institutions.

Belgium Residency

Belgium Residency Overview

If you want to stay for a very long period or permanently in Belgium, you will need another residence document after your visa has expired. These residence documents are the responsibility of the FPS Home Affairs, Department of Federal Immigration in French or Dutch.

Once you live in Belgium for five years, you may be eligible for Belgian citizenship. Different conditions apply to qualify for either permanent residency or Belgian citizenship, although both types of permits offer similar benefits.

  • Life standard

    High quality life standard

  • Stability

    Economical and political stability

  • Facilities

    Belgium has an excellent public facilities

Belgium Residency

After five years of uninterrupted living in Belgium, citizens from the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA – EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway), and Switzerland acquire permanent residence automatically. Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens are also eligible after five years but must submit an application with their local municipality for permanent residence. If you hold a Blue Card from another EU member state and lived elsewhere in the EU, this can count towards your five-year period.

Belgium offers a golden visa also known as the investor visa program where applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. Applicants can apply by forming a Belgian company.  Successful applicants can gain permanent residence and citizenship after five years. Typical investment throughout the five-year period is €350,000 – €500,000. To gain citizenship by investment in Belgium investors must pass a language test in either Dutch, German or French.

There are various investment routes and structures including the setting up of an international holding structure, investing in an existing Belgian company, or investing in a foreign company through a holding company set up in Belgium. It is not offered for real estate investment but for business investment.

What are the requirements for a Belgian Residency?

The most important criterion for a successful investment residency application is to show that your business will make a significant contribution to the economy of Belgium by creating local jobs or buying goods or services from local companies. You can incorporate a new Belgian company or a Belgian subsidiary of an international company. The typical length of the application process is 3-8 months, provided that all required documents are submitted.

To show that your business is viable, your application has to include a business plan, as well as proof of operational and business costs for at least the first few months of running your company. The permit is initially granted for one year and renewed based on your business performance. There is no physical residency requirement once your permit has been granted. You will be eligible to apply for Belgian citizenship after 3 years of residency, and the process usually takes an additional 2 years to be completed.

In the first year, you will need to spend an estimated EUR 150,000 for the operating costs of your Belgian business, including expenses such as processing fees, legal costs, property (home, office, workspace, etc.) rental, and employees. For the 5 years until getting citizenship, you should calculate with an investment of around EUR500,000 in total.

How to obtain a Belgian Residency?

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Belgium Residency

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