An island country located off the North American Coast, Bermuda is an international trade and financial hub. It has a highly developed economy primarily based on Financial Services and International banking. The island also boasts of hosting the majority of the world’s major insurance and reinsurance companies.


Bermuda Banking Program

Bermuda has a highly investor-friendly tax and company regulation mechanism which has made it a favored destination for investors from the globe. The island allows for the free flow of capital for nonresidents and also does not prohibit dealings in any currency.
On the other hand, the island has four banks that provide banking services for foreign nationals who wish to take advantage of the banking facilities on the island. The banks are well versed in multiple languages and can provide services in most major international languages. The Bermuda Deposit Insurance Corporation (BDIC) has also started the provision of providing deposit insurance services for a limited amount of deposits making the banking sector more secure.

The Empire team is well equipped to provide you with detailed information about the Banking scenario in Bermuda and undertake all steps necessary to open an account in the country.

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